About Us


We are a cooperative that has been serving the areas of Tioga and Stanley for over 70 years. Our unwavering commitment to the North Dakotan farmer and his business has resulted in the success and growth in our areas of business. Along with agricultural services, we also have energy and oilfield services available alongside our two truck stops in Stanley and Tioga. These stores have their own clothing departments, full-service kitchens, and hardware sections as well as your typical quick-stop needs such as gas, snacks and much, much more.

Mission Statement

OUR MISSION is to heighten the economic welfare of our patrons/owners. We strive to serve excellence with the constant fluctuating needs of our customers, while providing superior products and services at competitive rates.  We are constantly evolving to provide a local net savings that will service the financial needs of our cooperative.

SERVING EXCELLENCE – To provide an exceptional experience to every customer – whether it’s a patron, colleague or visitor – and to do so in each and every encounter.
Take pride in consistently delivering high – quality service.

The best part of Pinnacle is our amazing team that works hard everyday to Serve Excellence in their jobs and in our communities. We would like to introduce you to our leadership and stop by our various locations to meet the rest of our team.

Office Team

Jim Wznick General Manager

Jim Wznick

General Manager

Charlene Ratliff Credit Manager

Charlene Ratliff

Credit Manager & Quality Assurance

John Baker Safety Manager

Nathan Aucker

Safety Manager

Cindy Stiller Controller

Cindy Stiller


Katherine Schlosser Human Resources Director

Katherine Schlosser

HR Director

Agronomy Team

Adam Evensvold

Adam Evensvold

Stanley Agronomy Manager

John Baker Fertilizer Plant Manager

John Baker

Fertilizer Plant Manager

Energy Team

Justin Wright Interim Energy Manager

Justin Wright

Energy Manager

Josh Marks Energy Faclility Manager

Josh Marks

Facility Manager

C-Stores Team

Todd Busch CStore Operations Manager

Todd Busche

CStore Operations Manager

Amanda Barajas Interim Tioga Travel Plaza Manager

Amanda Middleton

Stanley C-Store Manager

We are proud to be led by such a talented and committed board. They serve diligently to make the best decisions possible for our co-op and to represent the best interests of every single member.

Our Board

TJ Halverson

TJ Halverson


Roger Harstad

Roger Harstad

Vice President

Klint Hartsoch

Klint Hartsoch


Blair Hynek

Blair Hynek


Jim Enge

Jim Enge


Aaron Skarsgard

Aaron Skarsgard


Kelly Hanson

Kelly Hanson


The best part of what we do is to give back to our members and our community. We celebrate our team members who go above and beyond to serve our customers and we also look for ways to actively participate in helping our communities. Below is a list of some of the ways that Pinnacle has given back to our communities.

2016 Donations

$100.00 Tioga Community Halloween Party
$100.00 Williston Shriners Club
$50.00 Northwestern Saddle Club Association
$80.00 I-Help Incorporated for Horn of Plenty
$100.00 Tri-City Cares SOS Fund
$100.00 Stanley Lions Club for the Boys Basketball
$144.00 Sponsored 3 Games for the Stanley High School Basketball Game/Tournament. Donation is based on points scored and proceeds will go to the Stanley Scholarship Fund.
$25.00 Mondak Humane Society
$1,672.00 Stanley Park District
$160.00 Stanley Elementary School Art Classes
$250.00 Mountrail County Bull Bash
$158.00 Bowbells High School
$300.00 Stanley High School After Prom, Year Book and FBLA
$100.00 Mountrail County Health Foundation "Golfing for a Cause"
$150.00 Gnarly Barley Run donated (Pinnacle merchandise)
$300.00 North Dakota High School Rodeo Association NDHSRA
$500.00 Blaisdell Rodeo Club
$250.00 Sibyl Center

Donation Gift Bags and Merchandise to the Stanley High School Reunion 2016

$100.00 Ray High School FBLA
$150.00 White Earth Valley Saddle Club
$380.00Stanley High School "All American Publishing"
$25.00 MonDak Humane Society
$561.00 Mountrail County 4H – Supper Sponsor
$1375.00 Williams County 4H

2015 – 2014

$75,000.00 to the Tioga hospital Improvement Project 2014 – 2015
$75,000 to the Stanley hospital Improvement Project 2014 – 2015
$2,000 to the Veteran Statue in Stanley December 2015
$1,550.00 Stanley North Dakota Community Fund(s) July 2015
$1,550.00 Tioga North Dakota Community Fund(s) July 2015
$250.00 Bowbells After Prom February 2015
$20.00 Bowbells High School April 2015
$414.68 Mountrail County 4H July 2015
$550.00 Mountrail County Ag Improvement February, March 2015
$500.00 Mountrail County Health Foundation April 2015
$100.00 Powers Lake School June 2015
$750.00 Ray School February 2015
$150.00 Stanley FBLA May 2015
$450.00 Stanley High School May, October 2015
$200.00 Stanley Lions Club
$100.00 SET Scholarship September 2015
$100.00 Tioga Community Halloween Party October 2015
$1,000.00 Tioga Park Board March 2015

We appreciate your donations!
Please complete THIS FORM and mail it to
hr@pinnacled.com or fax to 701-628-1401
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